Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Ain't It Grand? The Glenn Crytzer Orchestra

I think that lots of folks wanted to get into the act in the 1920's and 1930's. After all, one big hit could put a guy on easy street! So these ditties, novelty tunes with corny lyrics, appeared by the hundreds. And some were well written and destined for a long life. Others were period pieces, but usually full of fun and frolic. Many of them featured better than average singers on board. This two-CD set features a total of thirty selections, most of which are from the obscure arena. Arrangements are all together appropriate but never "campy" or over indulged. Some of the more colorful titles include "Just Like A Broken Record", "When I Get Low I Get High", "The Little Orange Man", "Shorty's Got To Go" and many more. These are authentic treatments of foot tappin' tunes. Nostalgic? No question. Fun? By the truck load.
Self-produced; 2018; 2 CDs; times not indicated.