Thursday, January 25, 2024

Pianists Alphabetically

 Alphabetically, here are some jazz pianists I admire. Undoubtedly, I've overlooked a few. If you care to add names to this list, contact me at

Thank you,
George Fendel
Toshiko Akiyoshi
Monty Alexander
Ehud Asherie
Kenny Barron
Count Basie
Shelly Berg
Alan Broadbent
Dave Brubeck
John Bunch
Dave Catney
Bill Charlap
Sonny Clark
Nat Cole
Duke Ellington
Bill Evans
Tommy Flanagan
Russ Freeman
Don Friedman
Red Garland
Errol Garner
Lorraine Geller
Darrell Grant
Tardo Hammer
Hampton Hawes
Tamir Hendelman
Eddie Higgins
Jutta Hipp
Elmo Hope
Keith Jarrett
Pete Jolly
Hank Jones
Oliver Jones
Roger Kellaway
Lou Levy
Adam Makovich
Pete Malinverni
Dodo Marmarosa
Jon Mayer
Bill Mays
Marion McPartland
Mulgrew Miller
Thelonious Monk
Dado Moroni
Phineas Newborn
Tony Pacini
Jeb Patton
Dave Peck
Oscar Peterson
Enrico Pieranunzi
Randy Porter
Sidney Porter
Bud Powell
Andre Previn
John Proulx
Jean Ronne
Jimmy Rowles
George Shearing
Don Shirley
Billy Strayhorn
Art Tatum
Billy Taylor
Lennie Tristano
McCoy Tyner
Fats Waller
Cedar Walton
Gerry Wiggins
James Williams
Jessica Williams
Claude Williamson
Richard Wyands
And finally, Denny Zeitlin

Monday, January 22, 2024


1.  Anything Goes
2.  I Get A Kick Out Of You
3.  Just One Of Those Things
4.  All Of You
5.  From This Moment On
6.  I Love Paris
7.  Easy To Love
8.  It's All Right With Me
9.  You're The Top
10. I've Got You Under My Skin

Sunday, January 21, 2024


We're supplying you with a list of partial lyrics to very well known American Songbook classics.How many actual titles can you identify? Hit melodies and lyrics ALL by Cole Porter:
1.   only use four letter words
2.   mere alcohol
3.   we'll meet now and then
4.   east, west, north, and the south of you
5.   no more blues songs
6.   every moment of the year
7.   it does seem a shame
8.   your face is lovely
9.   you're Mickey Mouse
10. use your mentality

Saturday, January 20, 2024


Janet Evra; Meet Me In Paris

As the title suggests, this is a charming recital with an accent on French material. There's a happy musicality here featuring singer and bassist Janet Evra. Both the familiar and the rather obscure are on board. A very hip little ensemble works seamlessly with the leader. This is a definite detour in the jazz world. But it works ever so intimately. 
Plum Jazz Records; 2023; times not indicated.
Joe Wittman; Trio Works
Jazz guitar fans need to check this one out! Joe Wittman leads a guitar-bass-drums trio on six of his own compositions plus two standards, “Sweet Lorraine” and Mel Torme's “Born To Be Blue”. Unlike the bevy of funk guitar things out there, this is simply a solid jazz group jammin' for fun.
Sol Records; 2023; appx. 45 min.
Constantine Alexander; Firetet
From the opening notes of this session, you'll understand why it's called Firetet. For the record, this is actually a quintet led by the trumpet and flugelhorn of Constantine Alexander. On seven originals, Alexander and friends present a contemporary hard bop that is challenging, swinging and authentic. Tempos vary, solos are demanding and vigorous, and all these new names are exuberant and fully involved as modern real deal players.
Self-produced; 2023; appx. 52 min.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Thomas Linger; Out In It

Speaking of new names, here's Thomas Linger. His quartet includes some seasoned players who know when to turn on the heat AND when to display a more modest but always swinging approach. Linger himself always sounds impressively right in the center of the jazz tradition. Joined by Peter Bernstein on guitar; Vasushi Nakamura, bass; and Joe Farnsworth, drums, this lyrical quartet tells the truth on nine fresh, invigorating originals and one classic standard: I always love hearing Billy Strayhorn's masterpiece, “Lush Life”. To put it simply, this is yet another jazz triumph for Cellar Music.

Cellar Music; 2023; appx. 56 min.

Antoine Drye; Retreat To Beauty

It's a rare occasion when any jazz musician gets an opportunity to record with strings. But thankfully, that was the case with the haunting and beautiful trumpet of Antoine Drye and a luxurious pairing of supporting jazz players and subtle strings, all arranged to perfection. As the album title tells us, beauty is the object here and it's in full flower from note one. Among many highlights are these: 1) the slowest and most heartfelt reading of Billy Strayhorn's “Isfahan” I've ever heard; 2) a charming revisit to the Louis Armstrong hit “When It's Sleepy Time Down South”; 3) Jimmy Rowles now classic “The Peacocks”; 4) Monk's stunning ballad “Reflections”; 5) “Goodbye”, a ballad from decades ago from orchestra leader Gordon Jenkins; 6) Drye's own creation, “Friend”, named for a musical colleague; 7) a near tear jerker in “Send In The Clowns”; and 8) Laura, a tune with special meaning for me. On every one of these and a half dozen more, Antoine Drye and his numerous friends recall a time when recordings like this were somewhat frequent, if not plentiful. Antoine Drye is a trumpet master to keep an eye on. He could make a dozen albums like this and I'd welcome each and every one.

Cellar Music; 2023; appx. 52 min.

Saturday, January 13, 2024

John Lang; Earotica

New York bassist John Lang has put together a scintillating ensemble larger than a “combo” but smaller than a big band. It is in fact comprised of trumpet, trombone, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, and of course a rhythm section including leader and bassist John Lang. All twelve tunes are originals and swing with resonating authority. And being that this group is as complete as it is, all players get generous opportunity to strut their stuff, solo-wise. There is a very “urban” contemporary feeling at work here. Now and then things get a tad more electric than my straight ahead veins can handle. Aside from that, this big-small band puts it all out there. I guess the term is muscular because these guys certainly work out!

Cellar Music; 2023; appx. 73 min.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Brad Turner; The Magnificent

And just who is the driving force behind the consistent quality of Cellar Music? It's their founder and yet another superb tenor sax man, Cory Weeds. I mention that because Weeds appears on this session which is actually under the leadership of Brad Turner on both piano and trumpet! Remaining players, all highly admired, are Peter Bernstein, guitar; Neil Swainson, bass; and Quincy Davis, drums. There are nine Turner originals here and they are bright, lilting, fresh examples of guys who are really good at the game! These are all musicians with lengthy resumes, and they undoubtedly reject the flash and formula in favor of the history, musicianship, and dedication served up here in every note.

Cellar Music; 2023; appx. 61 min.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Kelly Jefferson; Rituals

By now, Vancouver B.C.'s Cellar Music has established itself as a dependable, no-nonsense, high class record label. Among many things to be admired is Cellar's insistence on giving studio time to deserving new jazz talents. On what I assume is his debut CD, Jefferson's saxophone prowess and versatile compositions are heard in a riveting quartet setting featuring nine of his original compositions. Moods move from sprightly to mysterious, and often intricate and compelling. His colleagues, often providing strong support and prime solo work, include Amanda Tosoff, piano; Jon Maharaj, bass; and Norman Childs, drums. All are new names to me, but it's obvious that they are deeply embedded in the art of pure and meaningful jazz making.

Cellar Music; 2023; appx. 57 min.

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Dave Stryker; Groove Street

Considering one “groove” CD after another, one might easily surmise the guitarist Dave Stryker is pretty locked in to this style. This time he brings veteran sax man Bob Mintzer along for the ride. There's always an organist on these dates and this time the steamy B3 in the hands of Jared Gold. Completing the quartet is McClenty Hunter on drums. The two familiar choices are Wayne Shorter's “Infant Eyes” and the standard “The More I See You”. All the players are really good in finding that “guitar-organ” thing. Granted, there's a sameness to these “groove-funk” outings. Call it what you want, but this format always finds its followers.

Strikezone Records; 2024; appx. 54 min.

Friday, January 5, 2024

Sarah McKenzie; Without You

Nine of the fourteen songs on this recording were composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim! That alone would catch my eye and pique my curiosity. Singer Sarah McKenzie interprets these Jobim gems and other similarly flavored choices with sincere straight forward dignity and beauty. She is accompanied by a small group featuring gentle, bossa-like contributions from piano, guitar, and reeds. The arrangements are never showy, but rather always tasteful and appropriate. To name a few of the AC Jobim tunes, how about “Quiet Nights”, “Wave”, “Dindi”, “Once I Loved”, and of course “The Girl From Ipanema”. All of these and more add up to a lovely rendering of unforgettable combinations of melody and lyrics.

Normandy Lane Music; 2023; appx. 48 min.

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Bernie Senensky; Moment To Moment

Several years ago, a Portland friend (originally from Toronto) hipped me to fellow Canadian pianist Bernie Senensky. Finally here was my chance to hear him along a totally on board group of real deal players. Featured quite prominently is Eric Alexander, a fully engaged multi-talented tenor sax man. Bass and drums arrangements are divided between no less than five players and each is a true believer. Senensky is right at home in these various quartets on two standards, “Speak Low” and the Johnny Mercer rarity, “Moment To Moment”. The surprise of the set is the boppiest version yet on the Fiddler show tune “Matchmaker”. The remaining selections are originals, most from pianist Selensky. Alexander is as always, breathtaking and stunning---as complete a tenor player as there is on this planet. Senensky's solos are bright and optimistic, never flashy. This is an album of superb players performing the music they love to play. I'll bet you'd love to hear them!

Cellar Music; 2023; appx. 67 min.

Tuesday, January 2, 2024





1.   I’ve Got A Crush On You

2.   How Long Has This Been Going On

3.   Embraceable You

4.   The Man I Love

5.   They Can’t Take That Away From Me

6.   It Ain’t Necessarily So

7.   Summertime

8.   ‘S Wonderful

9.   I Got Rhythm

10. Liza


1.   A Fine Romance

2.   All The Things You Are

3.   I’m Old Fashioned

4.   The Way You Look Tonight

5.   Yesterdays

6.   Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man

7.   Remind Me

8.   Let’s Begin


1.   Anything Goes

2.   In The Still Of The Night

    3.   I Get A Kick Out Of You

4.   Let’s Do It

5.   Just One Of Those Things

6.   From This Moment On

7.   You Do Something To Me

8.   Easy To Love

9.   Night And Day

10. I Concentrate On You

Monday, January 1, 2024


Here are some more lyric portions. Can you name them?


1.   could you care?

2.   what a dunce I was

3.   my heart grows tipsy in me

4.   my good news day

5.   the memory of all that

6.   liable to read in the Bible

7.   hush little baby

8.   feeling amorous

9.   in green pastures

            10. the clouds will roll away


        1.   my friend, this is

        2.   the dearest things I know

3.   sighing sighs; holding hands

4.   I will feel a glow

        5.   youth was mine

6.   birds gotta fly

7.   the world is full of men

8.   is it up to me


1    all use four letter words

2.   like the moon growing dim

3.   mere alcohol

4.   educated fleas

5.   here’s hoping we meet again

6.   no more blue songs

7.   you do that voodoo

8.   so easy to idolize

9.   it’s torment won’t be through

10. people declare we’re through