Friday, January 12, 2024

Brad Turner; The Magnificent

And just who is the driving force behind the consistent quality of Cellar Music? It's their founder and yet another superb tenor sax man, Cory Weeds. I mention that because Weeds appears on this session which is actually under the leadership of Brad Turner on both piano and trumpet! Remaining players, all highly admired, are Peter Bernstein, guitar; Neil Swainson, bass; and Quincy Davis, drums. There are nine Turner originals here and they are bright, lilting, fresh examples of guys who are really good at the game! These are all musicians with lengthy resumes, and they undoubtedly reject the flash and formula in favor of the history, musicianship, and dedication served up here in every note.

Cellar Music; 2023; appx. 61 min.

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