Friday, July 29, 2022

Tim Lin "Romance in Formosa"

Seattle based alto sax man Marc Fendel put his New York based friend tenor man Tim Lin in touch with me. He sent me his current CD for review and it is a big time winner, and for a lot of reasons. Right off the bat, Lin chooses mostly tunes revered for decades from the American Songbook. Hence, we are treated to such delicacies as “You’re My Everything”, “Long Ago And Far Away”, “My Foolish Heart”, “How Deep Is The Ocean”, and a personal fave of mine, “Weaver Of Dreams”. On these and more, Lin provides a beautiful, confident, historic tenor sound sure to please. His improvisations put a clear, complimentary, contemporary light on evergreen tunes. Adding to the real deal feel of this session is Lin’s Big Apple rhythm section of Andy LaVerne, piano; Jay Anderson, bass; and Billy Drummond, drums. Bob Sheppard, a veteran LA reed man, also appears as a featured guest. Not to be overlooked are two additional tunes, both up-tempo cookers: “Airegin” is by now a classic in the art form; the closer, “Pursuing Resolution”, is a bop drenched goody. This session is the very essence of jazz. It is music that will be listened to ten, twenty, fifty and more years from now, long after they’ve pulled the plug on all the electronic gimmickry we often hear today. Thanks, Tim! Keep the fire burning!

Linsanity Music; year not indicated; appx. 36 min.