Friday, May 19, 2017

Rebecca Kilgore "This & That"

This And That; Rebecca Kilgore, vocals; Bernd Lhotzky, piano

Other singers could take a lesson from Rebecca Kilgore: It's simple: just sing the song. No drama if you please. Nothing extraneous, no schmaltz, frosting, overkill, cutesiness---call it what you want. But you'll never hear it from Rebecca. What you will hear is a honey-like voice interpreting songs both well known and "not so", with love and caring in every perfect note. Her new CD finds her in duo setting with German pianist Bernd Lhotzky. He is a schooled classical player who some years back pursued an interest in the stride style of Fats Waller and others. Their meeting was a stunning example of rare communication among like minded musicians. Every tune is a gem, but a handful deserve special mention. Interestingly, there are four Billy Strayhorn compositions included. I can never get enough Strayhorn, so I was delighted to encounter "A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing", "Grievin'", "Star Crossed Lovers", and perhaps my personal fave, "Lotus Blossom". Also enriching this session are three Gershwin delights: "Who Cares?", "By Strauss", and "Do-Do-Do". How much fun is that?! Among a total of fifteen selections you'll also be treated to "Pick Yourself Up", "Baltimore Oriole", "The Best Thing For You" and lots more. This is at once an exercise in joy, intimacy, sincerity and above all, musical excellence.

Arbors; 2016; appx. 50 min.

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