Thursday, December 21, 2017

Bob Ferrell's "Jazztopian Dream" Bob Ferrell, trombone

You probably haven't given this much thought. I know I haven't. But how many trombone leader records can you think of in the last year or two? Not many, I'd guess. And in part, that's what makes Bob Ferrell's new CD most welcome to the ear. His repertoire is nicely split between jazz tunes, blues, an original or two, and one semi-standard, "My Secret Love". Remember Doris Day's version? This ain't it! Ferrell opts for a burly tone with hints of J J Johnson. But to my ear he sounds more like Frank Rosolino. Ferrell's colleagues include some well spoken reeds and horns, and the solo work is generous and quite spirited. There are a few vocals by Dwight West: "Yard Bird Suite", "Don't Go To Strangers" and "Every Day I Have The Blues". He's a fine singer, somewhere in the tradition of Eddie Jefferson or Giacomo Gates. As for the leader, Bob Ferrell is definitely a player and band leader worthy of wider recognition.

BFM Productions; 2017; appx. 54 min.

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