Tuesday, July 10, 2018

"The Show Before The Show" Mike Jones & Penn Jillette

It was way back in 2002 that Mike Jones hooked up with the world's most magic act as pianist and musical director. Penn and Teller has over the years become a Vegas legend. But who knew that Penn Jillette, half of that entertaining duo, was also a formidable bass player! Jones has also plied his piano prowess in Sin City, and made several recordings along the way. To my knowledge, this is his  first effort with Jillette. The two players work seamlessly on eight long-admired standards and one Jones original. Style wise, Jones is focused, entertaining and exuberant; Jillette is steady and dependable. Among the familiar fare offered here, you'll find "Broadway", "But Not For Me", "Have You Met Miss Jones", "Tangerine", "Exactly Like You" and more. There's no disappearing act here. The magic is in the music.
Capri; 2018; 60:38. 

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