Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Jerry Weldon "Those Were The Days"

I wouldn't bet the condo on it, but I have a feeling that Jerry Weldon had a semi-soul/R&B notion in mind in the planning of this CD. You want my evidence? Well, first there's the inclusion of a Hammond B3 organ on this session. And secondly, Weldon has decided on some pop material of the last few decades; they are songs which practically call for a B3 approach, like "Strangers In The Night", "Walk On By", "The Sermon" (a Jimmy Smith tune), and "Those Were The Days". Rounding out the menu are a couple of distinctively non-soulful things including the ancient "Rosetta" and my personal fave, "This Is Always". My first awareness of Jerry Weldon was through his association with The New York Bop Quintet, a steaming, bristling emsemble where Weldon was featured in a setting quite different from this one. It should be said, however, that he's one of those guys deserving of more recognition. Perhaps this CD will bring it his way.
Cellar Live; 2018; appx. 56 min.

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