Sunday, October 17, 2021

Bill Evans, Behind The Dikes: The 1969 Netherlands Recordings

Forty-one years after the tragic death of Bill Evans, these “impossible” recordings just keep appearing. This previously unreleased two-CD set finds the pianist in the company of Eddie Gomez, bass and Marty Morell, drums. Evans by this time had a reliable repertoire that he leaned on. So it should probably be noted there are quite a few titles that he had recorded frequently. It makes little difference though because this, as on numerous sessions over the last decade or so, is a Bill Evans a concert which has never before seen the light of day! So it is that Bill stays with the tried and true on evergreens like “Emily”, “Turn Out The Stars”, “Waltz For Debby”, “Very Early”, “Quiet Now”, and a whole lot more. Of particular interest is the one tune that Evans apparently never previously recorded. Duke’s “I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart” is a surprising and welcome choice and it alone is worth the price of admission. Gomez and Morell are flawless as well throughout the two discs. So here is the brilliant Bill at the peak of his short life. This is clearly another inspiring buried treasure. It took fifty-one years to reach us but now, here it is for us to savor.

Elemental Music; 2021; 2 CDs; appx. 58 and 59 min.

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