Wednesday, December 22, 2021

The Piano Music Of Dick Hyman Performed By Steven Harlos

I’ve always referred to pianist Dick Hyman as a jazz chameleon. You see, he can do it all: From ragtime to stride; from swing to bebop; as an accompanist to singers; or in any legitimate musical context. He even experimented way back in the late 1950’s with a new technological advancement called “stereo”! On this exhilarating date his widespread talent as a composer is handed over to pianist Steven Harlos who handles the assignment as though these luscious compositions were his own. Yes, we’ve known of Dick Hyman’s piano gifts for over a half century. But now we are the lucky beneficiaries of his solo piano brilliance. Thank you, Dick Hyman, and thank you, Steven Harlos. Arbors; 2021; 61:36.

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