Sunday, June 18, 2023

The Las Vegas Boneheads; Sixty And Still Cookin'

I guess I'm revealing my own senior citizen status by mentioning that I recall an aggregation from decades ago called Trombones Unlimited. Turn the clock to 2023 and poof!---they're reborn as The Las Vegas Boneheads. Comprised of multi trombones and a swinging rhythm section, the Boneheads apply their improvised ensemble work and scintillating solos to such well chosen fare as "Ceora", "Skylark", "I Thought About You", "Cherokee", "Giant Steps", and more. Two tunes which deserve particular attention are "Al Cohn Tune" and "Carl".I can only guess that composer Bill Rogers may likely have had affection for the late tenor giant Al Cohn and hence the title, "Al Cohn Tune". "Carl", on the other hand, is a tribute to trombonist Carl Fontana who was a staple in Vegas music circles. The name "Boneheads" might sound a bit unflattering, but you may be sure that these guys are strong in classy arrangements and stellar musicianship throughout!

Self-produced; 2022; appx. 54 min.

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