Friday, April 5, 2024

Ulysses Owens Jr. And Generation Y; A New Beat

If on occasion you're looking for a boppy, bluesy, soulful band in the spirit of the Adderley brothers, vibrant drummer Ulysses Owens Jr. has assembled a group bringing the groove directly into your welcome ears. I would assume that all of the players are young cats because all the names on this date are new to me. Cannonball's “Sticks” gets the session off to a rousing start and the power and punch never really lets up. The outstanding solo work is fiery and passionate throughout. Make no mistake about that. Most of the tunes are originals by heroes like Louis Armstrong, Jackie McLean, Roy Hargrove, Ray Bryant, George Cables, and more. This is tough guy jazz at its finest. A state of the art blowing session where every player is a star. Dig it! 

Cellar; 2024; appx. 53 min.

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