Monday, April 17, 2017

Nancy Erickson "While Strolling Through The Park"

There are several considerations which would suggest that you pay some attention to Seattle area singer Nancy Erickson. For starters, Erickson's vocal quality is sweet and lilting, reminiscent somewhat of the late Karen Carpenter. From a stronger jazz perspective, there's a little Sue Raney present as well. Then there's the prominent Seattle musicians on board for this recording. Among others, how about former Portlander Darin Clendenin on piano, the great double threat monster Jay Thomas on tenor sax and trumpet, and master trombone maven David Marriott also along for the ride. Finally, Erickson's interesting variety of tunes need to be looked at. When, for example, was the last time a jazz singer took on "While Strolling Through The Park (One Day)"? Or how about a nearly forgotten ballad originally done by the rich baritone of Johnny Hartman? It's called "I Just Dropped By To Say Hello", and how nice to hear it again. Incidentally, bassist Clipper Anderson offers a pleasant vocal quality, joining Erickson on that song. The set closer is the French opus "La Vie En Rose", a shimmering duo of voice and bass. On all these and more tunes you know well---plus a few hearty originals, Nancy Erickson has put all the pieces together to produce a thoughtful and highly musical recording.

Vital Flame Productions; 2016; times not indicated.

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