Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sarah King And The Smoke Rings

Judging strictly from Sarah King's high-pitched, 1920's style vocal quality, one could get the idea that this is a recording intended to reflect that era. Not so, at least in my opinion. While some of the songs go back almost that far ("Jersey Bounce", "Tea For Two", "Lazy River", etc.) they don't have that oop-oop-ee-do feel present. Besides, there are a couple of other choices, namely "Caravan" and "Some Other Spring" which would not draw impressions of the flapper era. Still, on these and other evergreens, King and her trio of Alex Levin, piano; Scott Ritchie, bass; and Ben Cliness, drums, are in the midst of a party-like performance sure to please devotees of the style. Levin, it should be said, is a lyrical wonder based on a few of his own albums in my personal collection.
Alex Levin Music; probably 2016; appx. 46 min

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