Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Ben Paterson "That Old Feeling" piano & vocals

In the liner notes to this disc, pianist Ben Paterson recalls his initial encounters as a young teenager with piano giants Nat Cole and Oscar Peterson. He was drawn to the incessant swing of both these icons and decided that this was the path he would choose. On this CD, Paterson's third in my personal collection, he takes an important cue from Nat and Oscar. Like his two heroes did in their early careers, Ben's trio is comprised of piano, guitar and bass. Guitarist Chris Flory's resume includes many jazz stalwarts of the last few decades. Bassist George Delancey helps out in the subtle, highly musical and pleasing groove established here. And once again, like Nat and Oscar, Paterson sings ever so nicely on a few selections. His actual tune choices are kinda all over the map. They range from oldies "Some Of These Days" and "When I Grow To Old To Dream" to Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" and even a Bob Dylan opus with a bit of country flavor, "Make You Feel My Love". Add dyed in the wool standards like "I'm Old Fashioned", "You And The Night And The Music", "Over The Rainbow", "The Best Thing For You", and the especially gorgeous "My Ship", and you have a session that shines in a proud tradition. Nat and Oscar, I'm sure, would have given Ben Paterson a "standing O".
Cellar Live; 2018; appx. 53 min.

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