Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tony DeSare-vocals & Edward Decker-guitar "One For My Baby"

  • Why is it that female singers of standards (mostly wanna-be's) are a dime a dozen, but classy male vocalists are as rare as an Underwood typewriter? I can't answer that one, but I can tell you that Tony DeSare is that rare male singer you need to hear. He never indulges in excess or in show biz tactics. Instead he's a lyric storyteller who breathes sincerity in every note. On this lovely duo with subtle and sympathetic guitarist Edward Decker, Tony caresses nine tunes, mostly standards, and as a matter of fact, a few that go way back in time. Consider such titles as "Angel Eyes", "You Go To My Head", "Memories Of You", "Deep In A Dream", and "One For My Baby". There are also two solo opportunities for Decker's heartfelt guitar on "A Cottage For Sale" and a DeSare original called "I'll Get You Through The Night". On these and more, DeSare and Decker provide an intimacy that one rarely encounters in today's music scene. I, for one, love it...and that's me hollering, "More, Tony, more! AJD Entertainment; 2017; appx. 33 min.

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