Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Peter Hand; Blue Topaz

Are you into the tradition of the blowing sessions? It entails mostly original compositions with very generous solo work for all. If so, you're going to enjoy this hot cooking date led by guitarist Peter Hand. The players heard here seemingly touch upon the dependable Blue Note type groove with more than a smattering of blues and a nod to lyricism as well. It is, to be sure, a sort of jazz we grew up with and learned to love. For the record, the one standard on the session is a winner, “One For My Baby”. There's no attempt here at showmanship or anything extraneous. It's simply very skilled musicians doing what they do at a consistently high level. This is what the art form is all about. Peter Hand and friends are all doing the right stuff!

Whaling City Sound; 2024; appx. 58 min.

PS – I know I'm hinting at my age, but it's worth it when I tell you that the one tune I left out in the above review was a 1950's pop hit for a female vocal group called The Chordettes. No doubt some of you remember Mr. Sandman! Reborn here and what fun!

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