Friday, March 22, 2024

Xavier Hellmeier; X-Man In New York

Oh my goodness! Here are some of what I call “young veterans” who have come to the conclusion that there was some song writing worth revisiting in 2024. As a result, the X-man maneuvered some of New York's finest into the studio in Jeremy Pelt, trumpet; Eric Alexander, tenor sax; David Hazeltine, piano; and Peter Washington, bass. They deliver the big city goods on “I Could Write A Book”, “The Good Life”. “Midnight Waltz”; “The Nearness Of You”; and “Tune Up”, among others. I must say that Pelt and Alexander are a dream combination, and Hazeltine's piano is always on target. If you're still out there buying a CD now and then, this five-star session should be on your short list.

Cellar; 2023; appx. 53 min.

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