Saturday, March 11, 2017

Thank you Tamir Hendelman!

What a fabulous concert on April 14th! Be sure and check out our upcoming concerts at Classic Pianos. See our concert list below. ↡

Upon hearing Tamir Hendelman perform Oscar's Peterson brilliant Canadiana Suite,
the Maestro said of Tamir:
"I must single out some wonderful and creative solo segments by a young pianist named Tamir Hendelman. It was a satisfying hear a new young voice make some exhiliarating and thoughtful these pieces. I was refreshed by the inventive passages provided by Tamir. I look forward to hearing more from him."
-----Oscar Peterson

"Tamir Hendelman was inspired by the great Oscar Peterson. Hendelman is most likely the jazz piano virtuoso of his generation."
-----George Fendel

"...taking (the) honors...(was) the versatile and valuable pianist Tamir Hendelman...."
-----Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene

Complimentary Wine And Sweet Things By Patricia Wied

WITH THANKS TO: Classic Pianos, Kirby and Amy Allen,
St. Johns Coffee Roasters, Park Lane Suites, Patrick Springer, Susan and David Gurock,
Stuart and Jackie Barthold, and Stan and Madelle Rosenfeld

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