Sunday, June 18, 2017

Jeff Rupert "Imagination"

No doubt you remember the very lilting, personal and consistently beautiful sound of tenor giant Stan Getz. Well, Jeff Rupert will captivate you with a Getz-like tenor that, in a word, is gorgeous. In a live performance for an enraptured audience Rupert works seamlessly with pianist Richard Drexler. The two communicate flawlessly on an often breathless set. Just eight tunes get thorough recital-like treatments on this "must hear" pairing. Included are "Without A Song", "Imagination", "Soul Eyes", and perhaps my two choices, Claude Thornhill's "forever" tune, "Snowfall" and Dave Brubeck's rarely heard beauty "Strange Meadowlark". The level of communication between Rupert and Drexler is simply something to behold. I'm glad that records like this are still being made.

Rupe Media; 2016; appx. 58 min.

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