Thursday, July 20, 2017

92 Years Young: Jammin' At The Gibbs House

Maybe it's that famously clean air quality of Los Angeles. Or perhaps it's that exceptional pure water shuttled in from Colorado. Or could it be the thousands of hours on the receiving end of automobile exhaust from a lifetime spent on L.A. freeways? Whatever the reason, Terry Gibbs at 92 apparently dismisses his age in favor of playing the vibes as he always has, with swinging passion and vitality. On this most welcome CD he's joined by John Campbell, piano; son Gerry Gibbs, drums; and Mike Gurrola, bass. A couple of words specifically about John Campbell. He's simply one of the most vastly underrated pianists ever. He swings in the manner of Oscar Peterson and yet one can count his albums on one hand! Gibbs and friends give you more than your money's worth on treasures like "Indiana", "Yesterdays", "What's New", "Take The A Train", "Yardbird Suite" and lots more. So don't hesitate. Go ahead and revel in all the joyous music heard here. Terry Gibbs is 92 and still playing like a jazz monster. It must be something in the air.
Whaling City Sound; 2017; appx. 75 min.

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