Sunday, July 2, 2017

Emmet Cohen "Masters Legacy Series Volume 1"

Certainly you'll turn some heads if you can get legendary drummer Jimmy Cobb on your record. I certainly sat up and took notice. Well, pianist Emmet Cohen was able to pull off that trick on this classic piano trio album. Bassist Yasushi Nakamura completes the trio, and just to be totally accurate, alto sax man Godwin Louis guests on two selections. Pianist Cohen has a skilled and confident but yet subtle approach, and in the heart of the tradition. The tunes are very nicely varied with jazz standards like "Tin Tin Deo" and "Two Bass Hit", and surprises like Ferde Grofe's "On The Trail" and Burton Lane's showy "If This Isn't Love". The trio also puts "Flamingo" in waltz tempo and it works to perfection. A few lesser known but equally compelling tunes complete a very welcome album. The notes indicate that this CD, being "Volume 1", is first of a series well worth waiting for. Cohen is not flashy. And that's what makes him such a delight to hear.

Cellar Live; 2016; appx. 68 min.

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