Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Barbosa-Lima "Delicado Carlos"

Most Latin or Brazilian recordings, as beautiful and exciting as they often are, don't get reviewed here because I consider them world or ethnic music rather than jazz. That may be my own "mishegas" but here's one that works as a gorgeous guitar recital of mostly familiar bossa and standard Latin fare like Tico Tico, Delicado, Manha De Carnaval, Samba De Orfeu and others. Barbosa-Lima works to perfection, both individually on some selections, and with fellow guitarist Larry Del Casale on others. The other decision which makes this session differ from most Latin fare, is the exclusion of highly percussive instrumentation. As a result, this comes off more as a very attractive guitar recital than anything else. The group is completed by piano, bass and percussion, but not every guy plays on every track. There are fifteen tunes in all and each is a joy to hear.
Zoho Music; 2019; appx. 51 min.

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