Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Coniece Washington "Shades Of Shirley Horn"

Not many would take on a project honoring singer-pianist Shirley Horn. She was the ultimate sensuous straight to your heart singer, and a pianist of great skill and feeling as well. So, Coniece Washington, thank you for honoring the music of Shirley Horn with this exceptional performance. I might add here that her accompaniment, led by the understated piano of Vince Evans, is very much like Shirley's long time trio mates. Some of the deeply felt tunes covered here include "Here's To Life", "The Island", "Dindi", "How Am I To Know", and "A Time For Love", to name a few. Shirley Horn was a jazz goddess with a one of a kind ability to reach the listener with her musical gift. Kudos to Coniece and friends for this lovely session in Shirley's honor.
Self-produced; 2019; appx. 60 min.

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