Friday, April 1, 2022

Can You Match The Lyrics On The Left With The Song Titles On The Right?

1. “Your smile is just a careless yawn” a. Something’s Gotta Give 

2. “Count the raindrops falling on you” b. I Didn’t Know About You

3. “With hope you burn up” c. All The Things You Are

4. “You haven’t changed a bit” d. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love

5. “All my wildest dreams come true” e. What’s New

6. “Fight it with all of your might” f. The Night We Called It A Day

7. “Dream a while, scheme a while” g. You’ve Changed

8. “You are the angel glow” h. Little Girl Blue

9. “The sun didn’t rise with the dawn” i. The Nearness Of You

10. “Just taking my fun where it could be found” j. The Man That Got Away

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