Friday, April 1, 2022

Graham Dechter; Major Influence

Imagine the following: you’re a young jazz guitarist doing all the right things, studying with the best teacher in your city, immersing yourself in the history of jazz, listening to all the heroes of the past, and woodshedding and playing at every opportunity. Then one day you’re rewarded with a chance to record with three giants of jazz: Jeff Hamilton, John Clayton and Tamir Hendelman. I can’t say for sure, but this is how it may have played out for the sensational guitarist Graham Dechter. He has worked and recorded with the above named trio for several years now, and this is their most recent effort. Jeff, John and Tamir are devotees of the idea that “it has to swing” and/or “it has to sound pretty” and of course, the concept that every note counts. It’s obvious here that Graham Dechter is totally on board with these ideas. The album is comprised mainly of original tunes with the lone standard being “Pure Imagination”, a lovely melody becoming more entrenched in our consciousness as the years roll by. Every mood and tempo is explored here and with exceptional taste. My personal choices among the seven originals were “Bent On Monk”, a very effective tribute to the renowned composer/pianist, and “Billy’s Dilemma”, a dangerously ripping tempo to bewilder you. All that effort has paid big time dividends for Graham Dechter. You’ll hear the confidence and skill in every note.

Capri; 2021; 49:00

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