Friday, April 1, 2022

Sheila Jordan; Comes Love: Lost Session 1960

Sheila Jordan was a singer much admired by her fellow jazz musicians and a core of fans. Her recordings, sad to say, were few in number. So this never before released session dating way back to 1960 will be a welcome addition to her limited discography. Unfortunately, we don’t know who provided her hip and sprightly accompaniment on piano and bass. If good would have prevailed over the jazz chaos we have all come to know, this highly admirable session would have been issued some 62 years ago! All the tunes are two to four minutes long and would suggest that this material was originally intended to be heard on LP. Jordan was especially effective on ballads. Hence we are treated to winners like “Don’t Explain”, “Sleepin’ Bee”, “My Foolish Heart”, “Glad To Be Unhappy” “Ballad Of The Sad Young Men”, and more. It should be said that Sheila Jordan was a natural jazz singer who never forced a thing or indulged in excess. Kudos to Capri’s Tom Burns for unearthing this hidden delight.

Capri; 2021; appx. 35 min.

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