Friday, December 29, 2023

Maria Jacobs; Back At The Bop Stop

Here’s a singer who, to my ear, has done a lot of listening to the great Nancy Wilson. Her phrasing, occasional scatting, and even her vocal quality, remind me of Nancy. On most of the tunes heard here, she accompanies herself on piano, and that’s always the sign of a musician who has put in the time. Her instrumental colleagues are stellar and subtle throughout, and to add to the spirited atmosphere, Jacobs chooses excellent songs. For example, consider “Up Jumped Spring”, “If You Could See Me Now”, “Easy To Love”, and an etched in marble Nancy Wilson hit, “Never Will I Marry”. It’s a pleasure to hear these classic American gems done by a singer who is interpreting them with polish and jazz feeling.

iwarble music; 2023; 60:42.

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