Saturday, December 16, 2023

Petra van Nuis & Andy Brown; Lonely Girl: I Remember Julie

If like me you’re a senior citizen, you might remember a quality singer named Julie London. Well, here is a long overdue tribute to Julie featuring one of my absolute favorite singers of this (or any) era, Petra van Nuis. Accompanied intimately and beautifully by her husband, guitarist Andy Brown, Petra interprets thirteen songs from Julie London’s impressive career. Something particular about Petra I love is her rare ability to convey the meaning of a lyric. Other singers, many of whom are very skilled, sing the song more than adequately. Bless ‘em for brightening our lives. But like Billie Holiday, Susannah McCorkle and very few others, Petra puts it over as though she’s lived it. Every tune is a “highlight”, but a few personal choices of mine were “Something Cool”, “Here’s That Rainy Day”, “I Should Care”, “Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most”, “The Meaning Of The Blues”, and of course, Julie’s biggest hit, “Cry Me A River”. One more thought: Julie London’s accompaniment on her early Liberty albums was provided by the outstanding west coast guitarist Barney Kessel. So, lucky for us, we have another visit with the singer and her perfectly placed guitarist. Trust me, this album will stir your senses. A smile and a tear so close to one another. That’s Petra van Nuis.

String Damper Records; 2022; 53:42.

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