Sunday, December 24, 2023

Michael Rabinowitz; Next Chapter

Surely you all remember the bassoon. It usually appears in a symphony orchestra. But my guess is that Michael Rabinowitz occupies one of the very few jazz bassoonist chairs anywhere on earth! And most amazingly, it works quite well within a pure jazz setting. Rabinowitz composed six of the selections heard here. The other two were penned by the quartet’s pianist, Matt King. His accompaniment and solo work are straight down the jazz boulevard and he contributes a vital element in making this a legit, real dual session. As for Rabinowitz, he has great chops and a nearly uncanny ability to produce jazz out of a horn not accustomed to that sort of surrounding. The group is completed by Andy McKee, bass, and Tommy Campbell, drums. The rhythm section provides well crafted support to the leader and you may be assured that this album, bassoon and all, is a creative and often witty example of the jazz art.

Blue Ridge Bassoon Records; 2022; appx. 55 min.

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