Friday, August 12, 2022


Jackie Messina; Necessary Arrangement Over the years I’ve often observed that a quick peek at the tune list of a given artist is a likely tipoff to the quality of the recording. With that in mind, here’s Jackie Messina singing a well-chosen menu of tunes covering Broadway faves, Songbook goodies, and even a couple from the Jazz Book in “Quiet Now” and “Little B’s Poem”. There are thirteen tunes in all, ranging from “Easy Street” to “I Believe In You”; or “Baltimore Oriole” to “Alfie” to “Show Me”. The biggest surprise was a well written blast from the past called “Wild Is The Wind”. Working with a subtle, sophisticated quartet, Jackie Messina is impressive with respectful and sincere renditions of these evergreens.Self-produced; 20ll but only recently made available to the public; appx. 54 min.

Honoring Pat Martino, Vol. 1 Believe it or not, this album showcases fourteen different guitarists in either solo or duo performances. All compositions are by Pat Martino, hence the title. Most of the guitarists are new names to me, the most familiar being Peter Bernstein and Russell Malone. Some material echoes jazz history while other selections are a bit “out” for this old guy’s ears. Guitar buffs, have at it. Here’s your chance! High Note; 2022; appx. 58 min.

Ricky Ford; The Wailing Sounds Of Ricky Ford: Paul’s Scene

Well now, if you’re one of those who opts for tenor with attitude, Ricky Ford just may be your man. He’s been around for many years, never hesitant to share his big, in your face but always in complete control sound. On this new get together, Ford brings us twelve tunes, and they are typical Ricky in their swinging, mellow coolness. No gimmicks here and no tomfoolery. Go Ricky, go!

Whaling City Sound; 2022; appx. 46 min. 

Doug MacDonald; Serenade To Highland Park

Although I lived in L.A. for two years way back when, I never really got to know Highland Park. But judging from this CD, it must be a very nice area. Guitarist Doug MacDonald’s trio gives us a resonant, beautiful journey through a total of twelve selections . Most are memorable standards like “Days Of Wine And Roses”, “Dearly Beloved”, “More Than You Know”, “Brazil” and lots more. Bassist Mike Flick and drummer Paul Kreibich form a cool and relaxed partnership to MacDonald’s in-the-pocket leadership.

Self-produced; 2022; appx. 56 min.

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