Friday, August 5, 2022

Lenny Marcus Trio; When A Door Opens

Lenny Marcus is a pianist whose virtuosity had to have been shaped by both classical and jazz icons. He pays tribute to several of them on this stunning CD with titles like “Guaraldi’s Dilemma”, “Song For McCoy”, “Tune For Herbie”, and a medley of two Beethoven melodies. Perhaps my favorite was the very complex take on Dave Brubeck’s “Unsquare Dance” which Marcus titles “Twelve For Brubeck”. He puts a final stamp on all these tributes with another winner called “Ode To My Piano Heroes”. The pianist is joined here by bassist Zachary McDonald and drummer Denver Nuckolls. The communication between them is pinpoint perfect, suggesting that he and his colleagues have been together for a long while. Marcus, I might add, is totally immersed in the jazz wellspring at any tempo, any mood or feeling. Many wondrous players set the table for Lenny Marcus. He was only too happy to accept their offerings.

Self-produced; 2022; appx. 40 min.

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