Sunday, August 7, 2022

Jeremy Pelt; Soundtrack

Based on his last few recordings, the brilliant trumpet monster, Jeremy Pelt, has apparently made a shift in his musical approach. On an album of all original material, Pelt continues to display amazing trumpet chops, well-oiled from the tradition of Clifford, Miles, Freddie and others. His tone is impeccable and his frequent sense of melancholy is much to be admired. The only distraction as I see it is the addition here and there of some electronic augmentation. This may act as an enhancement for listeners decades younger than yours truly. But even on those tracks where we hear electric bass, Mellotron and Moog Sub (whatever the latter two are), Pelt’s exuberant  trumpet sound is always there. All in all, mostly high praise here for a player who is deservedly growing in the wide world of jazz.

High Note; 2022; appx. 44 min.

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