Sunday, August 14, 2022


A. Can you match these Ira Gershwin lyric portions to the titles of tunes written by brothers Ira and George?

1.  Could you coo?

2.  Don’t be a naughty baby

3.  And the clouds will roll away

4.  The Rockies may crumble

5.  Little wow

6.  Who would, would you?

7.  Put on some speed

8.  Won’t you take the day off

9.  Worthy of a mighty nation

10. You’ll dance until you to totter

B. What are the first names of the following jazz heroes?

1.  Duke Ellington

2.  Sweets Edison

3.  Cannonball Adderley

4.  Red Mitchell

5.  Dizzy Gillespie

6.  Fats Waller

7.  Zoot Sims

8.  Sonny Stitt

9.  Lockjaw Davis

10. Count Basie

11. Bonus: Pepper Adams

C. All of the lyrics below were written by the incredible composer-lyricist-pianist and singer Dave Frishberg. Can you match them up with their song titles?

1.  Even though some trouble comes along for the ride

2.  A Lorelei, a butterfly

3.  It’s April weather

4.  An office full of foxes

5.  Eddie Basinski

6.  When I stop to smell a rose

7.  He unpacks his horn

8.  No ordinary B run of the mill type of guy

9.  The choice we make, the chance we take

10. God had sent his right hand man

D. Can you match these lyrics with the following Duke Ellington titles?

1.  Heard they crowded the floor

2.  And Monday rolls around 

3.  A Schubert tune with a Gershwin touch

4.  The birds in every tree

5. That feelin’ goes stealin’ down to my shoes

6.  Careful, amigo

7. The years have changed you somehow

8.  The bottom fell from everything

9.  With gloom everywhere

10. See my people through

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