Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Bill Evans; Morning Glory

Thanks to the efforts of Resonance Records producer Zev Feldman, a number of divine Bill Evans concerts have been discovered in recent years, and here are two more of them. Both were recorded in Buenos Aires: Morning Glory from 1973, featuring Eddie Gomez on bass and Marty Morell on drums; and Inner Spirit is from 1979, with Marc Johnson, bass, and Joe Labarbera, drums. Both performances are two CD sets, giving us a generous sample of these exquisite, passionate Evans groups. As one might expect, the tunes are typically Bill’s staples over many years. But newly heard versions are always welcome. Thus the four discs include “Turn Out The Stars”, “Up With The Lark”, “Emily”, “The Two Lonely People”, “Waltz For Debby”, “My Foolish Heart”, and so much more. The recording quality is pristine, and we Evans fans hope that Mr. Feldman and Resonance keep releasing newly discovered treasures.

Resonance Records; both 2022; Inner Spirit – appx. 86 min.; Morning Glory – appx. 87 min.

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