Sunday, February 12, 2023


Can you identify the song titles below from a portion of their lyrics? Answers next week! 

  1. it’s love’s holiday

  2. though not a word was spoken

  3. you are here, so am I

  4. fish are jumpin’

  5. that worn out wish

  6. from the way that I feel

  7. sounds like a lyric to a song

  8. have fun, you happy people

  1. when to say when

  2. no mortal ever knew

  3. the cares of the day

  4. you forgave, I forgot

  5. have you anything to say

  6. won’t go to Harlem

  7. other songs to sing

  8. listen sweet

  9. smoking, drinking

  10. the thrill of New York shows

  11. if ever there was one

  12. when we’re dancing

Bonus: a man of distinction

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