Saturday, February 18, 2023

Jeremy Wong; Hey There

I know that we don’t spend endless hours worrying about such things, but do you reflect on the dearth of solid male singers working today? Talented women are everywhere, many of whom concentrate on worthy, artful songs. But what of the guys? Well here’s a real good one in Jeremy Wong. His new CD on Cellar Records is chock full of admired standards performed with ease and honesty. The quintet accompanying Wong works seamlessly and swingingly on ten winners like “Where Or When”, “Invitation”, “Easy To Love”, “Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most”, “Days Of Wine And Roses”, and lots more. His very natural, totally unforced vocal style is something similar to Jack Jones or perhaps John Proulx. His brand new CD gives me renewed hope that there’s a segment of the younger generation that recognizes quality writing and interprets it with sincerity.Cellar Records; 2022; appx. 53 min.

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