Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Richard Baratta; Music In Film: The Sequel

Do you remember that song your mom used to sing to you when you were three? Itsy Bitsy Spider! Yes, that one! Well, it’s actually the opener from this Latin-tinged group led by drummer-percussionist Richard Baratta. The theme for this invigorating session is film music. Examples are “The Theme From Pink Panther”, “Out Of This World”, “Smile”, “Pure Imagination”, and others. Don’t overlook the scintillating piano of Bill O’Connell; the highly energetic alto sax of Vincent Herring; or the heated solos of guitarist Paul Bollenback. These guys leave no prisoners on this spirited group. Let your ears be the judge.

Savant Records; 2022; appx. 60 min.

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