Thursday, January 19, 2017

Alyssa Allgood "Out Of The Blue"

Out Of The Blue; Alyssa Allgood, vocals
I know that some of you probably remember a very hip singer named Annie Ross. As one-third of the best vocal trio in jazz history, Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, Annie was a born jazz singer. Until now, I've never heard anyone who even remotely reminds me of her. Enter Alyssa Allgood. Not for a moment does she try to "do Annie Ross". It's just that there's a sincere "this is what I do" vocal quality that's somewhere in Annie's shadow. On this CD she takes on an entire selection of Blue Note classics from the fifties and sixties. So we get treated to solid but understated vocal versions of "Moment's Notice", "Speak No Evil", "Peace", "Moanin'", "It's You Or No One" and lots more. She is accompanied by a cooking, sympathetic quartet. The only change I'd make would be to deep six the organ in favor of a piano, but that's my personal preference. Other than that it's easy to reach the conclusion that Alyssa is "ALL GOOD!"

JeruJazz; 2016; appx. 51 min.

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