Monday, January 9, 2017

Tom Cohen "Joyride"

Joyride; Tom Cohen, drums
A nice coincidence, I'm sure, is the presence of two classic tunes that appeared on the album which immediately precedes this one, namely "Peace" and "Dolphin Dance". And to add frosting to this cake there's yet another Herbie Hancock gem offered here, "One Finger Snap". Tom Cohen is a powerhouse drummer on the generous sixteen selections on this session. His basic trio features the equally dynamic pianist Benito Gonzalez, and two players, Kris Funn and Mike Boone, splitting the bass chores. Other real book selections include Wayne Shorter's "Black Nile"; "Beatrice" by Sam Rivers; the much admired "Old Folks"; and one more venture down "Green Dolphin Street". To all of the above add some variety and creativity in a host of original compositions. There's a lot of talent on board here. In fact, it's easy to understand the choice of the album's title. It really is a JOYRIDE.

Self-produced;  2016; appx. 65 min.

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