Thursday, January 26, 2017

Audrey Silver "Very Early"

This is the second CD that I have been honored to review from singer Audrey Silver. There's a lot to like about her. She offers a sweet, "silvery" voice one might say, but never pours on too much honey. She sings as spot-on-key as anyone I can think of, she works with outstanding accompanists, and she chooses good songs. Silver is also blessed with a built-in ability to tread the fine line between gifted pop singer and jazz specialist. She puts across a lyric that really means something, and does so with a crystalline voice that simply rises above most others. Her tunes range from musical obscurities to rarely heard but long standing favorites like Bobby Troup's "Lemon Twist", a lilting "Lucky To Be Me", and Bill Evans' "Very Early", with a tender lyric I've never heard until now. Pianist Bruce Barth leads a very sensitive group working seamlessly with Ms. Silver. I know only too well that we live in an era where mediocrity often prevails, and gifted singers like Audrey Silver just keep on keepin' on. She has our thanks and our admiration.

Messy House Productions; 2016; appx. 60 min.

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