Sunday, December 18, 2022

Fraser MacPherson; From The Pen Of...

Now here’s Fraser MacPherson, a very hip tenor sax man and native of Canada. That may have weighed in on his appearance on Cellar Records out of Vancouver, BC.. MacPherson checks in with a swinging menu of original compositions, all played by a bevy of distinctly skilled musicians. It should be noted that most of these tunes are led by the other sax players on this session. MacPherson, a tenor giant himself, has graciously handed leadership roles to his gifted colleagues. Among them are no less than Scott Hamilton, Grant Stewart, Harry Allen, and Cory Weeds. Pretty fair company, wouldn’t you say? The eleven tunes played here carry a distinctly bluesy quality, but in a very spirited, upbeat atmosphere. It should be emphasized that nearly all of the players here are natives of the North. Proof, as if we needed it, that there’s an abundance of jazz talent playing the real deal on the other side of the border.
Cellar; 2022; appx. 55 min.

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