Saturday, December 24, 2022

Recollecting; Mathew Soucy

This is a debut album for gifted, young, bop-drenched guitarist Matheu Soucy. Eight of the nine tunes are originals of the leader. The one standard is “Where Or When”, and it features Caity Gyorgy who handles the task really well. She sings on one other tune, “A Thinker And A Fool," a very complex creation. She puts it over with ease and skill. And another highlight is Soucy’s beautiful solo rendition of the classic Monk tune “Reflections”. Soucy is melodically all over the map, at times sounding a bit “Monkish”. He and his colleagues bop away with imagination and solid energy. All told, this is an impressive introduction to a very talented jazz guitarist who has a lot to say. You would do well to listen.

Inner Bop Records; 2022; appx. 46 min.

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