Monday, December 26, 2022

PJ Perry; No Hugs

An alto saxophonist reaching more listeners by the day, PJ Perry delivers a bristling quintet performance of all originals. His colleagues, all new names to me, include Bob Tildesley, trumpet; Chris Andrew, piano; Paul Johnston, bass; and Dave Laing, drums. Trombonist Brad Shigeta is also on board for one of the eight selections. Perry and friends are keepers of the bop flame and are up to the task on generous, striking solo work. This is very accessible “feel good” music with well written ensemble passages and great teamwork. If you’re a hard bopper who recognizes stimulating talent and musicianship, you’d be well advised to check this one out. To my ear, PJ Perry is somewhat out of the Cannonball bag (probably among others). His is a big

sound— filled with excitement, complexity, and history. A delightful album from every perspective! Cellar; 2022; times not indicted

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