Saturday, December 24, 2022

Jason Marshall; New Beginnings

Since the loss of the big baritone sounds of the likes of Pepper Adams and Nick Brignola, I’ve sometimes wondered when the next player in that tradition will arrive. Well, here he is: Jason Marshall. With a sterling rhythm section of Marc Cary, piano; Gerald Cannon, bass; and Willie Jones III, drums; Marshall’s giant sound fills the room on a satisfying set of standardized jazz chestnuts. On this no holds barred yet very straight ahead session, Marshall and friends take on jazz treasures like “Airegin”, “Peggy’s Blue Skylight”, “Recordame”. Not about to stop, they also include American Songbook gems like “I Could Write A Book” and “I’ll Never Stop Loving You”. Jason Marshall is deeply embedded in the strong and swinging tradition of this art form. Keep an ear tuned to him. You’re sure to hear more!

Cellar; 2022; appx. 41 min.

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