Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Loren Daniels; Ticket To Ride

Here’s a re-visit to Beatle songs by pianist and singer Loren Daniels. I personally never derived much musical pleasure from The Beatles. However, their songs are miles better than the pop dreck that surrounds us today. Daniels sounds like he knows his way around the piano. It is his vocalizing that betrays him. So if rather pedestrian singing, percussive backbeat, and other gimmickry are your cup of tea, this Beatles song session might actually work for you. For the record, tune choices include “Eight Days A Week”, “With A Little Help From My Friends”, “Come Together”, “Blackbird”, “I’ll Follow The Sun”, and others. Way back in the ‘60’s, I thought The Beatles haircuts were kind of cool and their tight outfits were something out of the ordinary. Aside from that, their music never grabbed me back then. Nor does it in this performance all these years later.

Self-produced; year and times not indicated.

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